How to Utilize Social Media to Your Advantage

Talk to any plumbing company consultant these days, and you’ll hear a recurring idea: Social media should be part of a comprehensive online marketing campaign. Given its thorough networking capabilities, social media has evolved into a contemporary lead generation tool that you can maximize to boost your reach and profits. Plumbers would do well to employ the following techniques when utilizing social media to accomplish their specific and general goals.

Be active.

Along with your website and blog, your social media profiles will let you reach more of your prospective customers and even your professional network (e.g. fellow plumbers, general contractors that may need plumbers, etc.) To get more leads and establish more connections, you have to use social media at regular intervals. An active social media presence also entails posting quality and insightful content like tweets, notes, shared articles, photos, or videos.

Be creative.

A little bit of creativity should go a long way toward making an impact on your users or your followers. You can hold contests, use hashtags, and post short, snappy status messages to engage your audience and even draw the attention away from your competition.

Be keen on branding.

To capture and sustain the interest of your prospects, as well as to foster strong ties with other professionals or contractors, be strategic with your branding efforts. Through great social media content, an online marketing specialist can help you make a statement and present your brand positively.


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