Is SEO Worth It for Plumbing Companies?

Countless companies from various industries have used search engine optimization (SEO) to get more leads from the Internet, and have had considerable success to show for it. In general, SEO has to do with working out search engine algorithms with the aim of helping a website rank among the top search results whenever users type in a query. While SEO has proven its merit for businesses like restaurants and retail stores, the question is whether or not it can do the same for plumbing companies.

SEO is a worthy investment for plumbing services for several reasons. For one, SEO helps get a website a spot in the organic (aka “free”) search results listing. This is important because studies show that web users mostly click on organic listings, which then allows for more potential leads to pop up.

Second, web users tend to click on the top five search results, which accounts for 67.6 percent of all clicks. If a website doesn’t rank within the top five, it misses out on a large volume of potential leads. The difference between being number one and number six on Google’s search results can have a lasting impact on your business.

When SEO is done right, it helps a website rank high enough to attract the interest and command the attention of potential leads. Consulting a trusted SEO company can help ensure you get the most out of SEO and give your plumbing company the competitive edge it needs to succeed and grow.


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