Critical Metrics for Online Marketing Success that Must Be Monitored

Bounce rate – The bounce rate is the percentage of website visits wherein users only view a single page before opting to click out. Bounce rates are critical because they essentially tell how useful or interesting visitors see a website. A high bounce rate means that visitors may find a website boring or not helpful at all. Decreasing the bounce rate requires specific, custom changes to a site’s setup, which can be better administered with help from local internet marketing firms like Wthree Group of Companies Ltd. Whether you’re implementing plumbing SEO strategies or establishing your brand via social media, it helps to have a professional at your side.


Online Marketing can Speed up the Expansion of Your Plumbing Business

The fate of Canada’s plumbing industry is mainly based on the trends prevalent in the construction industry. As long as the construction industry remains one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country, plumbing businesses will keep thriving. This is because the highest demand for plumbing services is in construction, where plumbing system installation and maintenance are necessary. No wonder utility system construction, which includes plumbing, is on the top ten list of the fastest-growing small business sectors in Canada.